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Pyramid of balance



To experience the balance and postures. - Headdress composed of 5 rings stacked and forming a pyramid.

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In the field we are interested in, this equipment has 2 functions :

1 - Ultra playful, this headdress that rests on the head is a superposition unstable 4 rings PU foam resistant, forming a pyramid. The teacher can set up obstacle courses or speed 1c1, forcing the children to maintain their balance to keep an upright posture.

The rings are simply laid one upon the other and can fall, one after the other for each error: Shards of laughter in perspective.

2-On the plane postural, this material serves as a cue of good positioning during situations that are more technical. The teacher can adjust the amount of rings depending on the level of the student so that it corrects gradually his posture necessary for the realization of movement and basic techniques. The educational interest lies in the fact that, in falling or not (the rings), the child is immediately informed about the quality of his posture and can instantly self-adjust only and at any time (feedback); This material then becomes a real learning tool and technique.

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