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4-7yrs - 70 elements for an approach that is both playful and technical at a very young practitioners.



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Composed of 70 elements, this educational kit, special for children ages 4 to 7 years of age is an innovative answer and especially well-suited to the implementation of a pedagogical approach and fun technique for young children entering the activity karate and combat sports. It is a compromise that is firmly balanced between hardware dedicated to the games of opposition and those introducing a more technical approach progressive.


cadeauxjeux d'opposition

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12 hoops flexible, diameter 50 cm
6 targets the "challenge"
6 elastic loops
of 2.50 m
12 sticks
polyurethane foam
Booklet + DVD cover
18 balls soft
12 scarves pinned
1 Die in foam


Smart Shield





> Objective KATA : The 12 hoops flat flexible and anti-slip 50 cm in diameter (4 colors) + the booklet teaching and the DVD cover.

Foulards épinglésFoulards épinglés

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objectif kataDVD parcours pivots


  • A booklet accompanying detailing the description of 27 route to assemble together with hoops and where children will learn to move and to rotate.
  • 1 DVD : True concentrate of pedagogy, particularly rhythm, which goes directly to the point : 37 teaching situations condensed into 17 minutes.
  1. This DVD showcases all workshops schematized in the livrret support to help teachers put in place and to understand the functioning and logic.
  2. In a 2nd part, it proposes a set of variations of the path pivots, thus opening perspectives, educational scopes. The variations of course become very numerous. This will give the teacher material to teach for many sessions.
  3. Finally in a 3rd party, an educational approach that will allow children or beginners to learn more quickly in their 1st Kata type Taikioku, Kata which opens the door to learning basic Kata, thanks to a tip mnemonic to be very effective.



objectif kataobjectif kataobjectif kata



DVD parcours pivots Extract from the DVD

  • French Language
  • Duration 17 minutes
  • 37 educational situations





> 6 targets challenges + 18 balls soft and very gentle

Thanks to 6 coats covered with velcro, each student becomes a moving target, which must avoid the bullets specially designed to meet the security standards, while seeking to reach the enemy (Balls of very soft). This hardware set will make the games more attractive, especially in all the small. Knowing that the 18 balls in tissue delivered with, are the size of a child's hand and can be used in other games.

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> 12 scarves pinned declined in 4 colors : 3 Red / 3 Blue / 3 Orange / 3 Green. What does open up the potential fun of your course.

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> 6 elastic loops of 2.5 m length and of colors contrasting with the white kimono : The use of elastic bands is widely demonstrated and developed in the DVD "The way educational Vol.2". To summarize, they are tools that are especially effective in supporting the learning of the way the motor of the arm in the techniques of blocking. They allow once this 1st step gained to introduce a work on the onslaught conventional Karate (simple and effective Tools).

The material making up the elastic that we propose greatly reduces the friction on the forearms and the wrists of the children.

boucles élastiques



> 12 Sticks in foam polyurethane with a diameter of 8 cm long and 39 cm. The profile of this educational material widely plébicité by our clients, goes beyond the simple use in the context of the work on the 1st blockages, they are real accessories to optimize the game to the opposition and introduced the learning microphone techniques developed in the DVD "The way educational Vol.5". In the end, the use of this material opens the prospect of teaching very large.

In order to guarantee a maximum of safety and hygiene, the fries that we offer are composed of a material that is smooth and compact (they do not "crumble" and are very resistant in the long term:)

Foulards épinglés

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> 1 die in the foam of 16 cm side

That can both serve as ball bounce unpredictable and as an educational tool to designate at random any kind of events, of technique or instructions to perform, the dice foam is very significant in a pedagogical context because of the discovery of the child.

Foulards épinglés



> OFFERED : video Games in opposition"

jeux d'opposition


This video, "special games opposition" for karate and martial arts children is available to download free (118 Mb) - You will receive an email with a download link during the delivery of your order.


A duration of 20 minutes, this video tackles over 11 games opposition progressively complex and UNRELEASED, featuring séne a large part of the equipment sold in this case. But more importantly,

  • Find out how each educational situation is not limited to a single activity without educational challenge :
  • Find out how and with little equipment, balls and sticks foam, each game is opposition and confrontation secure, takes an educational dimension where agility, reflexes and alertness necessary for the practice of the martial arts, are fundamental.
  • On the teaching front, check out several way to manage groups hétérogénes within a same game.
  • How to allow the students the less skilled, to win against the best.
  • Learn how to design game rules that allow losers stay in the game instead of being eliminated.

Self-confidence is not one of the fundamental objectives of the practice of the martial arts. But in children, do you really know how to develop it?




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