Can your register as a club?

Yes. When you create your customer account, just fill in the box : "Company/Club". Thus, the name of the club appears in the header of the invoice.


Where should we send the cheque, as to what order to edit it (ditto for the data bank in case of bank transfer)

When the payment is made by cheque (or bank transfer) is selected and confirmed, a page opens and gives you all the necessary information (address to send the cheque and order or data of the bank to make a transfer).

In addition, these same information are sent by email automatically.

Reminder : For payments by cheque, these are to ship to :
11 Allée des Frénes
87220 BOISSEUIL (France)

The order of the checks is to establish in the name of "Infokaraté"


Payment by credit card is it reliable?


When you choose to use the payment by credit card (Visa, Mastercard and other payment card), you are directed automatically to the secure servers of our banking partner (PAYPAL).
Everything happens as if you go directly at the counter of our bank partner to pay for your order.
Thus, at any time, we are not aware of your bank details.

The shop Infokaraté does not manage the transactions by credit cards, only our partner bank processes payments on our behalf, through a set of secure protocols whose reliability is guaranteed (Paypal).


The displayed prices are they inclusive of All taxes)?

Yes, the prices shown on the shop Infokaraté are displayed all taxes included (TTC).


Get a quote

Contact us directly by phone (06 29 07 19 69) or by e-mail : contact@infokarate.fr

The time necessary for the realization of a quotation does not exceed 48 hours.


What are the countries to which you ship international?

In most of the French overseas departments and territories, all the countries of the European community.


Delivery charges

If you are not connected to a client account, the delivery costs displayed real time in the shopping basket of the shop are only for shipments to metropolitan France and Corsica (Excluding DOM TOM). They are displayed in euros (All taxes included).

For the international, once your customer account has been created and the country, the D. O. M. or T. O. M. is indicated, the delivery costs are discounted in the shopping cart next to the destination, and that as long as you stay connected to your customer account.


As a visitor, it is possible to know the costs of delivery to any international destinations by clicking on the link below that you can find on the summary page of your shopping cart.

>> Simulation of the delivery charges

In general, the delivery costs and the prices of products sold on Infokaraté, are always shown including VAT (Taxes included).


Order cancellation and product return

1 - Your order is not yet shipped.

We realize an immediate refund of the entire amount paid. That payment was made by credit card or bank transfer, we recréditons without delay your account. 3 to 4 days are needed for the refund to appear on your bank account. In the case of payment by cheque, we will return you a cheque for the same amount or we will return if it has not been cashed.

2- Your order is shipped or delivered

Upon receipt of your order, you have a possible legal of 14 days fixed for contact us to let us know of your desire to withdrawal (cancellation of order).
contact@infokarate.fr or 06 29 07 19 69
Several options are possible, and you will be offered :

  • Case 1 : Cancellation of the complete order and refund the entire amount paid.
  • 2nd case : Creation of a "have to have" to assert on the purchase of other products once the order is returned.

> In the 2 cases, it is the customer who chooses.

If you opt for the refund of your order, it is done relative to the entire invoice total (Products + shipping costs go). You are fully reimbursed.

It is important to note that in case of withdrawal (cancellation of order once delivered and or shipped), the cost of returning the products ordered and delivered are the responsibility of the customer.


Defective products

First of all, make sure that your order arrives in good condition. If this is not the case, it is up to you to refuse it or to request that we be returned (Do not sign any receipt), or that is notified on the notice of receipt for the package or packages and their contents are degraded.

Note : The law provides that the delivery person is still the time that the client unpacks the package received. Please do not hesitate to assert that right.

Anyway, rest assured, we ensure a total follow-up of our orders and the quality of the products that you buy at the store Infokaraté. In other words, if a product ordered is defective outside of the carrier's liability, we take care of the entire replacement of this product. You don't have to pay for it.

In all cases, please contact us at 0629071969 or by Email : contact@infokarate.fr


Data security

Infokaraté uses the best and technologically led, in order to ensure maximum protection of customer data. The regular updates of the script PRESTASHOP that we use, allow Infokaraté to be permanently at a level of maximum security.

In addition, on Infokaraté, the mode HTTPS (S for secure) certificate - "Let's encrypt" is active end-to-end in the tunnel command. Ensuring total security and confidentiality of customer data.

Right of rectification and of deletion of account

At any time you have the right to delete your personal data (deletion of the account) and / or correction of the customer data about you.


To delete an account and all the data which concern you:

You have in your client account, a command dedicated to this function.

Note: deleting a client's account does not prevent the client to re-create a new account if he wishes to place an order on the shop.

It is important to note that for accounting reasons, we are obliged to keep all invoices, even for customer accounts deleted.


For any corrections of your personal data:

Email, password, shipping address, billing address, telephone number, registration or unsubscribe to the newsletter..., connect you to your customer account and edit the desired data in the appropriate categories.


As it is specified in the general conditions of sale, we promise to NEVER pass on to any company or third party, the personal data of our customers

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