Who are we?

About the company

The Infokaraté shop specializes in the field of education and pedagogy. His goal: to offer the most innovative tools and reagents teaching material dedicated to combat sports and martial arts education.

In the end, experience in teaching, training that makes infokaraté qualified shop by its own customers, rigorous in his trading approach (Secure payment procedures, density of product descriptions, order tracking, customer relationship , contact store ...).

What they say ...

"I am really thanked you for your time, your advice worth your products, I have found that since my first purchases home teaching materials children were keen, curious and eager to learn new techniques and came regularly to courses and much less absentéisme.Enfin lessons are more fun, more lively for our little karate, (5 to 8 years) while respecting the Budo our club greatly appreciates this new pédagogie.nous are delighted and we thank you. "- Ms. Paola, Brussels (Belgium).

"Just a little message for you cONFIRM we received the material this morning and he is great and very good quality, we are pleased and we thank you. Do not hesitate to share if current of the year, you have new developments that may be suitable for our concept. We will not hesitate to make you well on the pub at other centers that have the same concept that we - Ms. Hamza (OR FITNESS / ST GEORGES DE MONTAIGU)

"First of all, thank you for all these very specific information. This changes some of your competitors, who do not always have this desire for information, clarity and efficacité.Il is very nice to see a company like yours, responding quickly to the slightest problems, which moreover are not his doing, giving clear answers to various questions of the customers. This, being less frequent nowadays, deserved to be highlighted. congratulations and thank you !" - Daniel CABANNE (Bushido Karate Club Lesparre.)

"I bought the DVD of children karate through the map of my sister Mary Hondina and I was very satisfied with the content. This has been a great help to my karate class. At the moment I am interested in karate training in high yield, so If there are other products I can buy in the future, please contact me sincerely. "- Luiz Ildefonso de Oliveira, Black Belt 4th Dan shotokan (Brazil)

"We have received the materials, the deliveriessound is complete and complies with the order. Thank you for the speed of delivery soon for other commands "Ms. Turpain (68320 Baltzenheim - France)

"I had already heard about your instructional DVD in courses not only from practitioners but experts like Hervé Delage to name him and honestly, I do not regret my purchase. This is not a coincidence that I bought your DVDs and educational tools that I find well designed for clubs like ours and as we still need to equip ourselves, be assured that I hesitate to order again "Philippe D. - 1st Dan - DIF - Karate Club Veyre.

"Thanks for your response was very quick. So I made a mistake in an order, in fact I did not need 2 times the same video. I'll be interested by a reduction on the DVD" the way educational vol3 " . How can we proceed? Again thank you and waiting for a response "Philippe Bertoli.

"I really thank you for your time and your sense of touch, your products are worth your advice, now I'm going to work with superb tools that I bought you." Jean-Marc Renan.