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We offer you 2 standard payment methods that you can select during the process of ordering your items.

    • Bank Transfer
    • Credit cards (Visa / Mastercard / Carte bleue / PAYPAL account)


Payment by bank transfer

All information concerning payment by interbank transfer (IBAN number, account number, counter, etc.) is contained in the e-mail sent after the order process.


Secured payment by credit card or Paypal account

Depending on your preferences and the country of origin, we offer our customers a wide range of secure bank card payment methods (SSL encryption)

Transactions take place directly on the servers of our partner bank. At no time do we know the bank details of our customers.


When you create your customer account, simply fill in the box: "Club". Thus, the name of the club appears in the heading of the invoice.

For the payment by order form to be printed, just specify the name of the club so that the invoice sent to you with your order will show the name of the club.

When payment by check (or wire transfer) is selected and confirmed, a page opens and gives you all the necessary information (address of sending the check and order of it or bank data to make a transfer) .

In addition, the same information will be automatically sent to you by email.

Reminder: For payments by check, these are to be sent to:


11 Allée des frénes



Check order is to be established in the name of " Infokaraté"


When you choose to use the payment by credit card (Visa, Mastercard and other payment cards), you are automatically directed to the secure servers of our partner bank (PAYPAL).

At no time, we do not know your bank details. span>

The Infokaraté shop does not manage credit card transactions, only our partner bank processes payments on our behalf, through a set of secure protocols with guaranteed reliability (Paypal).


The prices displayed on the Infokaraté shop are displayed including all taxes (VAT included).

By contacting us directly by phone (06 29 07 19 69) or by email:

The time required to complete a quote does not exceed 48 hours.

In addition to France, we ship to the following countries:

  • Germany
  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Spain
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Luxembourg
  • Netherlands
  • Portugal
  • United Kingdom
  • Swiss

If you are not logged in to a customer account, the delivery costs displayed as real in the shopping cart are only valid for shipments to mainland France and Corsica (excluding DOM and TOM). They are displayed TTC (All taxes included).

For the international, once your customer account is created the shipping costs are refreshed in the shopping cart with regard to the destination and this as long as you remain connected to your customer account.

As a simple visitor, it is possible to know the shipping costs to any international destinations by clicking on the link below that you will find on the summary cart page.

France and international shipping rates

Generally speaking, the shipping costs and the prices of products sold on Infokaraté are always shown tax included.

We offer 2 delivery methods which depend on the nature of the products ordered:

  • The COLISSIMO tracking or COLISSIMO international tracking
  • DPD France or Intercontinental

    colissimo  colissimo  dpd France

Thus 180 cm markers, plus cones and 60 cm hoops, taking up more volume are shipped by DPD France or intercontinental . While pre-packaged DVDs or packs are shipped by COLISSIMO tracking or COLISSIMO International Tracking.

Delivery times

    • Delivery time to mainland France by COLISSIMO or TRANSPORTER (DPD France) does not exceed 48/72 hours
    • For D.O.M. T.O.M. And the international, delivery times depend on the destination. Generally from 4 days for Europe to 15 days to another continent.

If you are absent at the time of delivery.

For all deliveries to mainland France, the D.O.M. and T.O.M., whether by COLISSIMO or TRANSPORTEUR (DPD France), in case of absence from your part at the time of the passage of the driver, it leaves a notice of passage in your mailbox.

  • For the COLISSIMO, the notice informs you which post office and from which date you can collect your parcels.
  • For the TRANSPORTER DPD France, the notice of passage is even more flexible since it invites you to connect on its website ( Delivery option that suits you. 4 possibilities are available:

notice of passage

  1. Re-delivery to the initial delivery address on the date of your choice,
  2. Delivery to a new address on the date of your choice,
  3. Delivery to a neighbor, concierge or a trusted person on the date of your choice,
  4. Withdrawal of packages from the nearest DPD France yard

    dpd france

For international deliveries, it is important that we contact your phone number when we create your customer account so that we can send it to you

Checking of packages at the reception

If the condition of the goods is checked from our warehouse. We strongly recommend that you do the same at the reception. To do this, be sure to check the condition of the packages and their contents even if the packaging seems intact and this in the presence of the deliveryman (This is a right that some deliverymen do not respect)

It is important to note that it is your responsibility to make reservations in case of damage, loss or missing.

All reservations must be accurate and include the nature and extent of the damage and the quantity for each missing or damaged product / product.

To do this, you must notify your reservations on the delivery receipt that you are requesting to sign the deliveryman or the postman. Then by registered letter with A.R. to the carrier, within 3 days.

2 possibilities:

1- Your order is not yet shipped.

We make an immediate refund of the entire amount paid. Whether payment has been made by credit card or bank transfer, we immediately recredit your account. 3 to 4 days are required for the refund to appear on your bank account.

2- Your order is shipped or delivered

Upon receipt of your order, you have a legal deadline of 14 days to contact us in order to inform us of your wish to cancel the order.

Mail: or at 06 29 07 19 69

Several options are possible And you will be offered:

  1. 1st case : Complete cancellation of the order and refund of the entire amount paid
  2. 2nd case: Creating an "asset" for purchasing other products once the order is returned.

    In both cases, the client chooses.

If you opt for the refund of your order, it will be calculated in relation to the total amount invoiced. You are totally reimbursed.

It is important to note that in case of withdrawal (cancellation of order once delivered or shipped), the return costs of products ordered and delivered shall be borne by the customer.

First of all, make sure that your order arrives in good condition. If this is not the case, it is your responsibility to refuse it or to ask for it to be returned to us (Do not sign any receipt), or to be notified on the advice of receipt that the And their contents are degraded.

Note: The law stipulates that the deliverer remains the time the customer unpacks the package (s) received. Do not hesitate to assert this right.

Whatever, be reassured, we assure a total follow-up of our orders and the quality of the products that you buy on the shop Infokaraté. In other words, if an ordered product is defective outside of the carrier's responsibility, we will cover the entire replacement of this product. You have nothing to pay for it.

In any case, contact us at 0629071969 or by Email:

Apart from the numerous customer reviews that mark out the product cards on the shop, here is a non exhaustive list of customer reviews received by email. These opinions are not labeled "Verified" as they are seen on the Internet, they are simply certified accurate due to the authorization of publication that their authors have granted us allowing us to show their surnames - first names - clubs and / Or locations.

"Tout d'abord, merci pour toutes ces informations très précises. Cela change de certains de vos concurrents, qui n'ont pas toujours ce souci d'information, de clarté et d'efficacité.Il est très agréable de voir une entreprise comme la vôtre, réagissant rapidement aux moindres problèmes, qui de surcroît ne sont pas de son fait, en donnant des réponses claires aux diverses interrogations des clients. Cela, étant de moins en moins fréquent de nos jours, méritait d'être souligné. Encore bravo et merci !" - Daniel CABANNE ( Bushido Karaté Club. Lesparre )

"Je voudrai vraiment vous remercié pour votre disponibilité, vos conseils valent vos produits, j'ai constaté que depuis mes premiers achats chez vous du matériel pédagogique les enfants en étaient friands, curieux et impatients d'apprendre de nouvelles techniques et venaient très régulièrement aux cours et beaucoup moins d'absentéisme.
Enfin les leçons sont plus amusantes, plus vivantes pour nos petits karatékas, (5 à 8ans) tout en respectant le Budo. Notre club apprécie énormément cette nouvelle pédagogie.
nous sommes ravis et nous vous remercions" - Mme Paola, Bruxelles (Belgique).

"Juste un petit message pour vous confirmer que nous avons reçu le matériel ce matin et qu'il est super et de très bonne qualité, nous sommes ravis et nous vous remercions. N'hésitez pas à nous faire part si courant de l'année, vous avez des nouveautés qui peuvent convenir à notre concept. Nous n'hésiterons pas bien sur à vous faire de la pub auprès des autres centres qui ont le même concept que nous - Mme hamza (RC FITNESS / SAINT GEORGES DE MONTAIGU)

"J'ai acheté les DVD de karaté enfants par le biais de la carte de ma sœur Mary Hondina et j'ai été très satisfait du contenu. Cela a été une grande aide pour mes cours de karaté. Pour le moment je suis intéressé par la formation à haut rendement en karaté, alors S'il y a d'autres produits que je peux acquérir dans le futur, n'hésitez pas à me contacter. Sincèrement" - Luiz de Oliveira Ildefonso, Black Belt 4e Dan shotokan (Brésil)

"Nous avons bien reçu le matériels , la livraison est complète et conforme à la commande . Nous vous remercions pour la rapidité de la livraison, à bientôt pour d'autres commandes" Mme Turpain (68320 baltzenheim - France)

"J'avais déjà entendu parlé de vos DVD pédagogiques lors de stages et pas seulement de la part des pratiquants mais d'experts comme Hervé Delage pour ne citer que lui et honnêtement, je ne regrette pas mes achats. Ce n'est pas un hasard si j'ai acheté vos DVD et vos outils pédagogiques que je trouve bien conçus pour des clubs comme le notre et comme nous avons encore besoin de nous équiper, soyez assuré que je n'hésiterai à repasser commande" Philippe Dulou - 2è Dan - DIF - Karaté Club de Veyre.

"Merci pour votre réponse qui a été très rapide. Donc je me suis trompé dans une commande, de fait je n'ai pas besoin de 2 fois la même vidéo. Je serai intérressé par une réduction sur le DVD "la voie pédagogique vol3". Comment pouvons nous procéder ? Encore merci, et dans l'attente d'une réponse" Philippe Bertoli.

"Je vous remercie vraiment pour votre disponibilité et votre sens du contact, vos conseils valent vos produits, maintenant je vais travailler avec les superbes outils que je vous ai acheté." Jean-Marc Renan.

Infokaraté uses what is best and most technologically completed to ensure maximum protection of customer data. The regular updates of the PRESTASHOP script we use allow Infokaraté to be permanently at a maximum security level.

In addition, on Infokaraté, the HTTPS (S for Secure) mode by "Let's encrypt" certificate is active from end to end in the control tunnel. Ensuring total security and confidentiality of customer data.

You have the right at any time to delete your personal data (deletion of the customer account) or to rectify the customer data concerning you.

1- To delete an account and all the data that concern you: email, password, delivery address, billing address, telephone number ..., contact us by email ( To inform us of your request. This will be effective within 24 hours.

Note: Deleting a customer account does not prevent the customer from recreating a new account if he wishes to re-order.

It is important to note that for accounting reasons we are obliged to keep all invoices even for deleted customer accounts.

2- For any rectifications of your personal data: email, password, delivery address, billing address, telephone number, subscription or unsubscribe to the newsletter ..., log into your customer account and modify the desired data In the appropriate sections.

As specified in the general conditions of sale, we undertake to NEVER transmit to any company or a third party, the personal data of our customers