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"Thank You for your fast email.
Also i want to say That your work for the pedagogy of learning karate is very good, and Develop the skills in the Children, Creating Good bases for the pratice of Karate.
Keep the good work. Best Regards "- Daniel M Coelho (Portugal)

"Hello ,
I am very satisfied with the quality of your service and that of your instructional DVDs. I taught for many years to adults and teens. This year has changed clubs I also have to teach the baby and toddlers ages, and DVDs are a valuable help me "Cordialement.ERICK Millet (30230 Bouillargues - France).

"Good evening,
I received two boxes thank you for your responsiveness "- Daniel deville (France)

"I will be required within 1 or 2 months you board another larger order. I am waiting here for the green light from the Midi-Pyrénées region and the amount allocated in the framework of the small clubs with subsidies for the purchase of equipment. thank you for care of me yesterday after -Midi (phone). It's true I panicked a bit too fast (do not usually control the Internet), but I ' I managed anyway. I understood that it was not I go too fast. Finally everything is back in order and it will be even better next time. I often look at your site is great and very complete in many field, especially on education. Continue in this way, you will always have the support of people like me - a sporting "Mr François christian (Shotokan Karate Tarbes)

"I am really thanked you for your time, your advice worth your products, I have found that since my first purchases home teaching materials children were keen, curious and eager to learn new techniques and came regularly to courses and less absenteeism. Finally the lessons are more fun, more lively for our little karate, (5 to 8 years) while respecting the Budo. our club greatly appreciates this new pedagogy.
we are delighted and thank you "- Paola, Brussels (Belgium).

About the DVD "The pedagogical way Vol.5" - "For our part, we find that this is a great way to bring the child to achieve a chain: each action they perform is transformed into a" success "for the child because he managed to hit the fry. the more he continues, the greater the" success ", and it continues, the more it is able to run a chain of several movements. the child learns also to focus on having fun ... the children had fun ...

For us your DVDs are essential: they educate children differently. I have known traditional teaching, sometimes very hard physically, composed of innombrables repetitions. By combining traditional teaching (less hard physically than before ...) the way you do, I think teaching Karate becomes more complete. These DVDs give us good ideas. When will the 6th DVD? Thank you "- Guy Mony (Canada) - Facebook Page

"Yesterday the DVD cam. Is the best job I've ever seen! Congratulations!" Marco Micucci (Italy) - Facebook Page

"Hi, Just to say that the package is coming, thank you for how quickly I no longer watch DVDs has Regards Evelyne B.." (SMS KARATE - Saint Michel sur Orge)

"We have received the materials, the delivery is complete and comply with the order Thank you for the speed of delivery soon for other commands." Ms. Turpain (68320 Baltzenheim - France)

"Just a short note to confirm that we received the material this morning and he is great and very good quality, we are pleased and we thank you. Do not hesitate to share if current of the year you have news that can fit our concept, we will not hesitate to make you well on the pub at other centers that have the same concept that we -. Ms. hamza (OR FITNESS / ST GEORGES dE MONTAIGU)

"First of all, thank you for all these very specific information. This changes some of your competitors, who do not always have this desire for information, clarity and efficacité.Il is very nice to see a company like yours, responding quickly to the slightest problems, which moreover are not his doing, giving clear answers to various questions of customers. This, being less frequent nowadays, deserved to be highlighted. Congratulations and thank you! "- Daniel CABANNE (Bushido Karate Club Lesparre.)

"I bought the DVD of children karate through the map of my sister and I was very satisfied with the content. This has been a great help to my karate class. At the moment I am interested in training high performance in karate, so If there are other products I can buy in the future, please contact me sincerely. "- Luiz Ildefonso de Oliveira, Black Belt 4th Dan shotokan (Brazil)

"I had already heard about your instructional DVD in courses not only from practitioners but experts like Hervé Delage to name him and honestly, I do not regret my purchase. This is not a coincidence that I bought your DVDs and educational tools that I find well designed for clubs like ours and as we still need to equip ourselves, be assured that I hesitate to order again "Philippe Dulou - 1st Dan - DIF - Karate Club Veyre.

"I really thank you for your time and your sense of touch, your products are worth your advice, now I will work with superbes tools that I bought you. "Jean-Marc Renan.

"I received (and quickly +) my order and I thank you." Hervé Michaux (Belgium)

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