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"44 games and learning situations percussion techniques with fists - go game to technical learning"

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This video of a duration of 30 minutes, brought in four chapters, the foundation to a didactic approach to teaching karate kid in the sense that it describes a pedagogical definition of the technique on which each exercise will take its source. becoming a companion tool, it allows the teacher to start the game and lead to concrete learning situations adapted to even very young children, through specific overheating featuring the objectives of Type: "selective listening", "Discovery" ...


On the program: educational 44 commented and argued to acquire the princiAction pes percussion techniques with fists (Tsuki, Uchi Uraken, Oï Komi) in a cooperative environment and duel parallel to the education of associated behaviors: Acceptance of confrontation, speed management, of distance and accuracy without forgetting "the respect of sign language performance criteria."

top selling A UNIQUE series, produced exclusively by and Infokaraté. Sold several thousand copies in France and abroad (More than 2 thirds of French clubs), these instructional videos are a benchmark in education for all clubs include children as well as for candidates for DAF, DIF, PIC , DEJEPS DESJEPS and Karate.

  • Duration: 30 minutes
  • French language
  • International: The mastery of French is not essential because of the numerous sufficiently explicit demonstrations.
  • DVD all zones

-color: # FF6600; "> AUTHOR
PE teacher and graduate status in Karate, Alain Foltz is responsible for the Staff College League of Limousin from 2004 to 2008, webmaster Infokaraté dedicated since 2001 to the training of teachers of Karate and host internships academic Karate (teacher Training EPS).
"The educational path Vol 1 Vol 2 Vol.3, Vol 4 and Vol.5" are particularly innovative educational resources for any teacher to load one or more groups of children and candidates AFA, DAF, DIF, CQP, DEJEPS and DESJEPS.


"Mr. Foltz, I wish to inform you that the videos I've purchased and downloaded yesterday quite meet my expectations.
Indeed, I am negotiating to open a section of karate in my village (the most difficult is to find a room, but I am hopeful!) And despite my many years of practice I needed a "framework" to adapt my knowledge education to children, adolescents and adult beginners.
Your pedagogical approach is excellent and it is clear that I will draw your work and your advice as part of my future course. I will upload other videos progressively, this first die
Walking is very conclusive. Thank you and good luck! "- Pascal L. Virmoux - Clear (New Brunswick - Canada)

I found your DVD teaching through my training. Indeed I followed the formation of DIF November 2008 to May 2009, and during a course, I could view your various CD .. Following this, I ordered your first 2 DVD, and I ' have taken lessons. I must admit that the vision of the DVD were a huge contribution during my training. For proof I had a note extra ++++ when the scenario, thanks among other things to your DVD pragmatism. Thank you for this precious gift that is this educational support, which helped me and will help me in the future. "PB League Dauphiné

"Excellent work these DVDs" teaching the way "An indispensable tool for all future teachers, teachers and even trainers ...." - G. WYCKAERT - 6th Dan - School Responsible for managers in the league Britain .

"... to soon for other volume that I find really instructive. I use it often as support for my course ... thank you for what you do for karate and especially for an aspect of karate which is teaching, because indeed reach a high rank is easy with time and labor but convey what has been teaching us this is go into a parallel universe to that of the traditional practice. athen I wish you, in the interest of all practitioners and teachers to continue as long as possible in this way ... "- José FERREIRA

"It's really great what you do. A big BRAVO, and thank you, it's so useful stuff." - Anne Goudenove

"He was loved us too What animate our children courses Everyone is benefiting:. The teacher and pupils Kids love, it changes the exercises become a little too conventional for." Ancient " . The teacher finds a new source of inspiration The 2 DVDs are really great Bravo "-... BSE Karate

"Great work and excellent support for teachers. We want more !!!" - M.BOURENE, BEES2, Juror BEES1

"First of all congratulations, it's a great job. So I was fascinated by this DVD that I even found a little short. At the end I said" already ". Finally, I would not say one thing BRAVO !! " - Thomas HAREL

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