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DVD - Yoseikan de compétition



Competitive aspect of Yoseikan Budo by Master Hiroo Mochizuki.

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Under the direction of Master Hiroo Mochizuki

Yoseikan Budo is a method that uses the principle of the whip (wave motion) as an energy carrier to leverage the bodily power, based on techniques fists, feet, arms and projections. Yoseikan competition is athletic form. Martial form is presented in the DVD "Yoseikan Budo Traditional".

Founded by Hiroo Mochizuki, this training method is of major interest to practitioners of all sports. It is by its specific full preparation for the formation of any top athlete.

Sports Educator 2nd degree, Master Hiroo Mochizuki was indeed an accomplished sportsman, karate competitor (7th Dan) and judo (captain of his school team in Japan), but also athletics, swimming, volleyball. He continues to practice equestrian sports and snorkeling. He was able to use its intellectual and athletic background to develop and develop an original form of training to maximize the potential of each athlete.

The fists feet work allows muscle development in extension, projected balance by working in contraction while the practice of ar workmy three sizes promotes the acquisition of speed and adaptability. The three forms associated particularly stimulate creativity.

It is under the direction of this internationally renowned personality is brought to you by the "Yoseikan Competition". Three of the best current technicians, graduates of state, illustrate this DVD:

Mario AMBROSINI - Global Technical Director YWF
Mitchi MOCHIZUKI - European Technical Director EYF
Jean-Max BRIGNONE - Winner World Cup 1997 YWF

Detailed information

  • LANGUAGES: French - English - Deutsch - Español
  • Bonus: Photo gallery - Trailers - Interviews - Cup France 2001 - Clip - Over 45 minutes of bonus!
  • Format: DVD 5 - PAL - Stereo - All Zones - Color
  • Ratio: 4/3
  • Length: 50 m