Kodachi - Weapon shape memory

Sabre foam of medium size (60 cm) with tubing flexible.
Of French manufacture.

Fabriqué en France

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PERSONALISATION : Colour of the handle : RED - BLUE


The "KODACHI" is a sabre medium, long, 60 cm wide and 5 cm, with 1 nozzle about 45 cm long foam-covered wrapping a tubing of flexible, protected by a membrane of tissue. The "KODACHI" is perfect for adults, teens and children over 8 years old. It is the weapon of choice for introducing beginners to the opposition to be playful or to oppose by combining it with other weapons.


The "KODACHI" is equipped with a handle which is stiff, wrapped with a grip (Such as a tennis racket), authorizing the seizure only 1 hand protected by a Tsuba (Corolle foam), the "KODACHI" combines robustness (durability) and flexibility. It is in itself a weapon of initiation, making it highly entertaining and educational opposition but also lateralization (according to the profile situations).



The "KODACHI" is an innovative design. Its manifold central hard plastic and rigid (for the input), is extended by 1 bit with flexible covered with an absorbent foam and a fabric to increase the life span. This differentiates this weapon training and game, weapons foam conventional : That is to say, of simple tubes entirely in hard plastic, covered with a protective foam which has a tendency to break quickly. This also makes the shock more violent. At worst, the foam is not protected (by a membrane fabric), it eventually crumble, making it to term, the dangerous weapon and quickly made unusable..


Embouts en tissu

In the case, weapons training and games we offer, the flexibility of the tubing bearing (the part that hits) finally relax (break the weapon) to reach a threshold allowing it to remain optimal in terms of the conduct of the weapon and efficiency in terms of security. These weapons have been tested during over 8 months with different audiences including thirty college students (who do not necessarily care of equipment :) and have proven to be a very good investment because of their sturdiness and play value and teaching they provide. In comparison, all the weapons in foam conventional tubing rigid and simply covered with moss that we had, have all ended up breaking after a few weeks.

""...In an environment that is associative or school, our choice, then, is brought unequivocally to this type of innovative weapons, because made to last while requiring them to heavy use..."

Pedagogical analysis

Pedagogically, the weapons that we propose in this section are original, first because of their configurations varied (swords double with input in the central, sabers long, medium or short, and spears long sleeve) and on the other hand, because of their profiles : They allow percussion fast and full boost without major risk (wearing a helmet and gloves remains a recommendation not to neglect, anyway).

It is exactly on this last point that the design of these weapons can go beyond the simple stage of the technical learning prior to their situation in battle is free (as in kobudo, for example). The entry in the matchup fun is immediate and allows you to maintain a high level of motivation while giving the teacher the means to diversify its practices and tools.

In the context of learning behavioural related to the opposition, that we speak of karate, judo, Yoseikan Budo... or any martial art, the ability to perceive and assess risk, to take information on the opponent, to tailor its responses based tactics of the actions and reactions opponents are all connected to the same basic principle : to accept the confrontation.
As opposed to base projections, and key bottlenecks or percussion feet-fists, or with weapons, etc... in the end, the goal is to develop in the practitioner its ability to erase all the elements that hamper his perception of the battle, his ability to make the right decisions and do this without delay (without hesitation, or fear). It is in this that the work with this type of weapons is pedagogically interesting and serves the interests of the students, whatever the discipline. For the more knowledgeable, we will say that we are here in a didactics of combat sports in general, and not in a didactic to a single discipline. In other words, some are the combat sports or martial arts are practiced, they all have commonalities that one can educate in a transversal way : By taking in one to complement the other.

Flexible blade dense foam,
with a rod inner flexible shape memory
Fabric cover, black is the default
Handle finer : 20mm
Very good resistance for all martial arts
Fully manufactured in France

Total length : 60 cm
Blade length : 45 cm
Diameter of the blade : 4.5 cm
Weight : 140 g

 Fabriqué en France


In the end, the teacher will not have to struggle to put in place situations that were as playful as they are full of educational challenges, according to its discipline - Example video with the Chanbara (To learn more about the Chanbara : http://www.infokarate.com/kata-technique-kumite/chanbara.php


Jean Luc Dureisseix (Specialist Yoseikan Budo) : Excellent teaching material for the children but also for adults in a playful approach. It also allows to experience in combat and safe techniques or strategies to 2, against several or 2 groups that "s' affrontent" with various scenarios drawn from the history of japan (taken from the castle, the protection of the daimyo, etc...).
In Yoseikan we regularly use this type of material or its equivalent. And this n' not prevent a more traditional.





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