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Lens Kata - Set 1



27 route-to-assemble with 6 hoops flexible and anti-slip 50 cm in diameter, supplied with a teacher's guide of 12 pages and a DVD cover to prepare children and beginners to learn their 1st Kata.


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Discover new educational situations performance in new and that will help the children to learn their first KATA.


objectif kata


This new kit designed and sold ONLY by Infokaraté, is the result of an experiment with children âgès of 5 to 12 years of age. It is composed of :


 objectif kataDVD parcours pivots


  • 6 hoops flat flexible and anti-slip 50 cm in diameter (3 colors - 3)
  • A booklet accompanying detailing the description of 27 route to assemble together with hoops and where children will learn to move and to rotate.
  • 1 DVD : True concentrate of pedagogy, particularly rhythm, which goes directly to the point : 37 teaching situations condensed into 17 minutes.
  1. This DVD showcases all workshops schematized in the livrret support to help teachers put in place and to understand the functioning and logic.
  2. In a 2nd part, it proposes a set of variations of the path pivots, thus opening perspectives, educational scopes. The variations of course become very numerous. This will give the teacher material to teach for many sessions.
  3. Finally in a 3rd party, an educational approach that will allow children or beginners to learn more quickly in their 1st Kata type Taikioku, Kata which opens the door to learning basic Kata, thanks to a tip mnemonic to be very effective.



objectif kataobjectif kataobjectif kata


100% ACADEMIC : All pathways have been created to ensure that children always use the same color of the hoop to a foot and the other colour of the hoop to the other foot. Carrying a locator system is particularly effective and clever to help them understand the exercises and remember their actions.


kit kata 1



The pivots are of the complex travel arrangements that organize the management structure of KATA. When one is a beginner, they are just as difficult to realize that any technique of percussion or blockage.

But when learning KATA begins, students will then link this set of technical actions that are not yet acquired a network of travel is changing directions, rotations of the body more or less important and different shapes (pivot on the front foot and pivot on the rear foot).


Didactically, the pivots are $ 4 action rules to manage simultaneously :

  • The direction (the axis defined by the bearings)
  • The sense (The orientation of these supports)
  • The angle of rotation (90° / 180° / 270° ...)
  • The form (Mawari Ashi or Ushiro Mawari Ashi, etc.).


This is why, in order to best help the beginners, the pivots must be the subject of an education in its own right-even before you tackle the learning of KATA (in The same way as the techniques of percussion and blocking elements).



DVD parcours pivots Extract from the DVD contained in the Kit (The 3 first minutes)

  • Language : French
  • Duration 17 minutes
  • 37 educational situations




100% INNOVATIVE : in Order to avoid deformation of the circuit due to the repeated passing of the students, there needed to be a specific material, both innovative and not impeding the work of the children. This is the reason why, the 6 hoops that are contained in this Kit, are both extra flat, flexible (no risk of injury), a very resistant and also anti-slip feet.


An exclusive creation infokaraté


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