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Bande résistance



Élatique band 4m for shares of resistance work.

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This elastic band 4.5 cm wide 4 meters long and can stretch up to 8 meters.

This material is particularly attractive because each end finishes with a wide velcro fastening buckle which allows belting efficament the waistband and to attach the other end to a post or other mounting point (snap .. .) or simply the size of another partner.

The application possibilities are many:

If the resistance to movement for a plyometric strengthening leg muscles is one of the original intentions of this material, it is easy to conceive resistance exercises for percussion techniques taking one end in hand.

Simultaneously combine resistance and resistance movements percussion techniques made easy by passing the elastic band behind a mounting point so you can use the 2 extérimités: one at the waist, the other holding in one hand. And so on.

Nothing prevents moving the elastic band behind an attachment point (post, carabiner ...) to surround the ends to the size of two partners to work as a duo (mtovation / duel), etc ...


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