Pack of 10 STUDENTS

Educational package of 27 elements to play and teach basic techniques to beginners and children. This pack will be perfectly suitable for groups of less than 10 students.


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is an educational kit consisting of 27 items that have the particuraliré to provide a reactivity pedagogical and maximum BUDGET (10 Chips foam + 12 scarves épinglès + 5 elastic 2.5 meters).

This pack is perfectly suited for groups of 10 children maximum.

"Our club of The Magnifying glass was the material, for the children, excellent. The clamp-linen-scarf-built-in, works wonders and keeps the fingers of the little samurai!" Alain Gallaux


> 12 scarves pinned declined in 4 colors.

foulards épinglés

Features : The scarves pinned are scarves of 20 cm2, attached to pins secured that we can hang on any part of the kimono to serve as a target to catch. The educational issues of this tool are widely demonstrated and argued in the first 3 volumes of the DVD "The way teaching and learning": learn more

Assortment in 4 colors increases, moreover, the gaming potential of this tool almost indispensable in the field of teaching karate kids or beginners.

> 10 sticks in foam - coated, smooth, a length of 39 cm, and 8 cm diameter - assorted Colors.

Frites en mousse

Known to induce early forms of blocking, the chips of foam are excellent video games to opposition that does not require truly protective equipment type helmet or gloves (Even if some precautions are still obvious > Avoid pointing face for example : What a helmet not full will not allow more to protect)

The length of the chips is not a coincidence (38 cm). Too long, they are difficult to guide. The children will, for example, find it hard to maintain a hand. The choice of this length is related to an experience related to their use with groups of children than adults. Games opposition and situations of learning blockages among other things, become extremely more dynamic with this length.

In addition, the matter that makes up the chips that we propose has been long-sought and tested because of its resistance to fragmentation (Criteria number of French fries sold also do not match).

> 5 elastic loops with a length of 2.5 metres - Colours contrasting with the white kimono (Karate gi).

Frites en mousse

Dedicated to early learning techniques, the learning objectives that can address this small equipment are extensively described in Vol.2 of the DVD "The way teaching". Learn more

Features : Elastic of 0.5 cm wide and 2.5 meters long, used to form a loop to pass under the arms or on the hips between 2 partners (+ all of the variants demonstrated in the FLIGHT.2 "The way teaching").




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