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Lot of 2 Chasubles targets + 6 bullets - Excellent for the games of the opposition and address


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Sold by pack of 2 chasubles targets (2 colours) + 6 balls

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2 bibs + 6 balls
4 bibs + 12 balls
6 bibs + 18 bullets
8 bibs + 24 balls
10 bibs + 30 balls


A great game of skill, precision and motor skills that may be proposed in collective form (2 color targets) or inter-individual (Each for or 1 against 1).

Each student becomes a moving target that will have to avoid the bullets specially designed to meet the security standards, while seeking to reach a target opposing (Balls of very soft).

Ideal for the area of activity that represents the karate and the martial arts, this material allows the teacher to propose activities opposing new involving work address, accuracy and evasiveness to name but a few.

chasubles cibles

It is easy to design numbers of variant aimed, for example, not to throw the balls to reach the opponent's target, but to catch them without getting caught hers. Etc...

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