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Didier Godefroy and Stéphane Reignier

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This book, unique in its kind, is intended for sports educators but also to the presidents and leaders of sports associations which are sometimes difficult to identify and define the mission of their sports educators.

In an extremely varied and diverse environment the authors propose, from an experienced and long experience, proposals and ideas being considered for sports educators practicing in sports clubs whose teams operate in departmental levels and regional. The sports teacher must unite around a clearly defined project that will enable young members in the association, give meaning to their sport.

Focus on the individual is paramount, and the authors demonstrate that the primary function of the collective project must be centered on the individual it is serving the group. The function of the sports teacher is particularly important because it is he who will help give a real identity to the club. By mixing his ability to listen and role of essential and key player, the sports teacher is the guarantor of the decisions taken by the leaders.

Another important aspect of the discussion centered on the individual's permanent capacity for sports instructor to assess. This assessment has to be highly individualized with the introduction of specific assessment tools as the goal for each player is to be realized. The idea ofprogress must be maintained without necessarily go to the top level but to give pleasure and the individual has the feeling to evolve in the right direction. The sports teacher profession in the coming years will mutate a coach status to a job more in line with the general organization of a structure.

The sporting educator will be to project strength and proposal to unite, train, organize and plan within their association. In addition, the sports instructor will be able to work continuously with other sports facilities of its discipline and other disciplines of its immediate environment.


Part 1: Set a collective project

Part 2: The role of the sports teacher at the club

Part 3: The Technical Commission

Part 4 The annual planning

Part 5: Workouts

Parts 6: What assessment?

Part 7: What future for the profession of sports instructor

Format 12.5 x 19 cm - 136 pages

February 2016

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