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Tome 3 - Préparation aux diplômes d'Éducateur Sportif



BOOK: Diploma courses of Educator Sports: Coaching and facilitation of sport: psychological and educational aspects. Fully revised and updated collection.

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This book, which is open to all teachers and candidates to a teaching degree offers a synthesis of knowledge in the field of psychology and pedagogy necessary for a worker to organize sport.

It is organized into four sections:
- The construction and acquisition of sports skills,
- Psychological factors influencing the sport,
- Sports education,
- sporting spirit.

In this book, knowledge is illustrated with examples to facilitate links between theory and practice. Shortcuts record the main ideas throughout the book and it was proposed at the end of each chapter, a summary of the topics for discussion and possible readings to deepen his knowledge.

This structure is intended to facilitate reading and understanding by emphasizing the key elements and practical utility of theoretical knowledge presented.

Author (s): Carole SAP

According Infokaraté: The educational and psychological side is an unavoidable aspect to understand more propche education practitioners (The student is thinking and acting not only from a physiological point of view, anatomic and biomechanical> to cela see Volume 1 ).

Easy to read, this book, well designed will bring a real and exact lighting in an area where too much knowledge are poorly controlled and misinterpreted even by some trainers. With this book, you will be in possession of indisputable and safe citation.


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