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Course Baby balance

Case ludo-pédagogique special balance for young practitioners

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The course Baby balance allows for the creation of course of balance varied at the same time simple to handle and to put in place and pedagogically pre-measured and compatible with very young children.

This kit contains:

  • 4-string braided nylon: 2 strings of 2.5 m and 2 strings of 5m
  • 2 pyramids of balance, each consisting of a head support and mini hoops that are flexible that are stacked on top.
  • 4 pairs of stilts hemispherical that can be used in 2 directions to sensations, and balances varied : with your Feet flat on the round base or flat base, or half and half.
  • 1 lot of 8 hoops dishes of 35 cm in diameter
  • 2 balls PU foam 13 cm in diameter

Imagine of course, solo made the paths of the strings (2.5 m and 5m) that the children must follow barefoot like tightrope walkers (Far from being as simple as that). Course extended by a journey to be done with the stilts; they require more coordination to complete by a workshop of precision in throwing a foam ball through a hoop from 35cm., the while retaining resting on the head of a pyramid of balance...

Combine the elements which constitute this training package, and you'll get variants for courses that are not alike and bringing distraction and awakening from your young audience.


  • Vary the order of the elements that make up the route (Route stilts in first - Use hoops for course traction
  • Make 2 paths in parallel for duels....
  • During the course of the balance the children need to catch a foam ball thrown by the teacher and without knocking down the pyramid of balance.
  • Place on the route tightrope walkers (strings) of the obstacles over which the children must pass out of the course or knock down the pyramid of balance resting on the head.
  • Place a foam ball or any other object to pick up during the course.
  • Cross the route.
  • Perform the course in reverse, not driven, not dragged...
  • The eyes are closed.
  • Make a stop and maintain a stable balance of 5 seconds on 1 foot to any place of the route (the signal of the teacher, for example).
  • Relay racing on 2 courses - pass the pyramids of balance, as long as they still have hoops flexible stacked above.
  • Make the course by hitting hands, hands in the back, etc...
  • In the context of an introduction to basic positions of type bike or zenkutsu dachi, perform kyhon with a pyramid of balance resting on the head or nest this kihon in a course using the hoops dishes 35cm as landmarks, travel..

The course Baby balance is a concentrated game of balance for young children in the context of a section Baby. It is a solution which is pedagogically viable for teachers who can vary their content in front of an audience demanding from this point of view.

The course Baby balance is a product designed by teachers for teachers.


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