Circuit teaching N°4

Kit 16 elements multiply according to your needs : 4 cones multi-function, 4 milestones of 120 cm - 4 hoops of 60 cm and 4 round of 75 cm.

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This educational KIT is configurable according to your needs. It is offered from a lot of the basis consists of 16 elements, including : 4 cones multifunction slots - 4 milestones of 120 cm - 4 hoops dishes of 60 cm diameter and 4 hoops round of 75 cm diameter.

By increasing the base quantity in the "add to cart", configure at will the volume of this KIT.

Quantity Cones Milestones of 120 cm Hoops dishes of 60 cm Hoops round 75 cm Total items
1 4 4 4 4 16
2 8 8 8 8 32
3 12 12 12 12 48



12 holes - Height 38 cm - (Mix colors)

Designed to fix our hoops dishes and our milestones, it is interesting to note that they won't sink completely into the cones, thus offering the possibility of moving simultaneously other milestones in the side holes. This feature allows parallel use milestones shorter since the height that will reach the top of the milestone will be the size + the cone height is 140 cm. (Put on a glove fight in the milestone allows to obtain a target/marker height-conventional).

kit motricitékit motricité

Assorted colors

cerceaux plats


Rigid (PVC) and end caps-round (caps), these milestones once nested in the cones can be used to support targets or benchmarks of shares (interlocking vertitcal), or integrate a course motivity type "Hurdles" to be overcome from above or below (interlocking horizontal).

Assorted colors

cerceaux plats

> HOOPS DISHES (Diameter 60 cm)

The rounded edges (secure), these hoops dishes of a small diameter (35 cm) are excellent teaching tools for the establishment of routes of travel that are suitable for children, or for course fast coordination among the greatest. Placed flat on the tatami (Route engine) or nested in the cones above (induction of technical movement / cue actions), they are both flexible to bend under the effect of weight and rigid not break.

cerceaux platscerceaux plats

Assorted colors (Mix colors)

cerceaux plats

> HOOPS ROUND (Diameter 75 cm)

These hoops are round with a diameter of 75 cm, you can do the balance games, and educational techniques offered in the DVD "The way teaching" : balance Games around Mae gérie, Ushiro géri, Yoko Géri, course play...

cerceaux rondscerceaux plats

Assorted colors (Mix colors)

cerceaux plats

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