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TOP SALES - Kit 21 elements : 6 cones multifunction, 6 milestones of 1 m, 9 hoops dishes of 60 cm.

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This set of small devices is the minimum configuration in terms of shaping teaching in the field of animation and teaching karate and combat sports. The proposed rates represent an excellent compromise quality/price : 20% less expensive.


This kit includes the following items :

Cones with notches

Milestones of 1 m Hoops dishes of 60 cm Total items
6 6 9 21




Set of 6 cones multifunction 12 holes - Height 38 cm - (Mix colors)

6 cônes multifonctions

Designed to fix our hoops dishes and our milestones, it is interesting to note that they won't sink completely into the cones, thus offering the possibility of moving simultaneously other milestones in the side holes. This feature allows parallel use milestones shorter since the height that will reach the top of the milestone will be the size + the cone height, or 140 cm approximately. (Put on a glove fight in the milestone allows to obtain a target/marker height-conventional).


kit motricitékit motricité

kit motricité



> 6 MILESTONES OF 100 cm

Rigid (PVC) and end caps-round (caps), these milestones with a length of 1 meter once nested in the cones can be used to support targets or benchmarks, shares, or integrate a course motivity type "Hurdles" to cross (above or below).


kit motricité

Assorted colors / Quantity : 6

cerceaux plats


> 9 HOOPS DISHES (Diameter 60 cm)

The rounded edges (secure), these hoops dishes with a diameter of 60 cm are great educational tools : lay flat on the tatami (Route engine) or enboîtés in cones (induction of technical movement / cue actions), they are both flexible to bend under the effect of weight and rigid not break.


cerceaux platscerceaux plats

Assorted colors (Mix colors) / Quantity : 9

cerceaux plats


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