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Circuit pédagogique N°4



Kit 16 elements to multiply as needed: 4 multifunction cones, four milestones of 120 cm - 60 cm hoops 4 and 4 rounds of 75 cm.

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This educational kit is configurable as needed. It is offered from a basic package consisting of 16 members including 4 notched multifunction cones - 4 milestones of 120 cm - 4 flat hoops 60 cm in diameter and 4 round hoops 75cm in diameter.

By increasing the amount of base in the frame "add to cart", set at will the volume of the KIT.

Amount cones Milestones of 120 cm Hoops 60 cm dishes Hoops round of 75 cm Count elements total items
1 4 4 4 4 4 16
2 8 8 8 8 32
3 12 4 12 12 12 48

Etc ...



12 holes - Height 38 cm - (SM colors)

Designed to fix our flat hoops and our milestones, it is interesting to note that they do not sink completely into the cones, thus offering the possibility of moving simultaneously other milestones in the side holes. This feature allows parallel use milestones as shorter height that will reach the top of the milestone will be its size + the cone height is about 140 cm. (Insert a fighting glove in the milestone provides a target / landmark to conventional height). </ P>

motor kit motor kit

Assorted colors

flat hoops


Rigid (PVC) and round caps (caps), these milestones once nested in the cones can be used as support targets or benchmarks shares (interlocking veritcal) or integrate a type of motor route "Hurdles" to cross from above or below (horizontal interlocking).

Assorted colors

flat hoops

FLAT HOOPS (diameter 60 cm)

The rounded edges (secure), these flat hoops of a small diameter (35 cm) are excellent teaching tools pour implementation of motion path for children, or for rapid coordination of courses in the largest. Flat on the tatami (Route engine) or enboîtés in cones above (induction of the technical gesture / benchmark stock), they are both flexible to bend under the effect of weight and rigid not break .

flat hoopsflat hoops

Assorted colors (color SM)

flat hoops

ROUND HOOPS (diameter 75 cm)

These hoops round with a diameter of 75 cm allow to achieve technical balance and educational games offered in the DVD "The educational path": Balance Games Mae around ria, Ushiro Geri Yoko Geri, fun trails .. .

round hoopsflat hoops

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Assorted colors (color SM)

flat hoops

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