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PACK CLUB - 177 elements

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This is the ideal pack to build workshops for any type of public. It responds to imperatives of multiple as in the field of teaching, the engine of research performance (physical preparation). This pack of 177 items was developed to apply to all proposed activities within the club : section children / adolescents / adults / competitors.

It represents the best price/quality ratio on the market, in addition to the shipping costs that are OFFERED for any delivery to the metropolitan France (For any delivery outside metropolitan France, please contact us : or 0629071969).

This pack consists of :

Cones multi-function

Milestones of 100 cm

Milestones of 160 cm

Hoops dishes of 35 cm

Hoops dishes of 60 cm

Hoops round 75 cm







Bases rubber

Pliers multifunction

Scale of pace

Balls PU foam 120 mm

Balls PU foam 175 mm










Set of 12 cones multifunction 12 holes - Height 38 cm - (Mix colors)

cônes multifonctionscônes multifonctions

Designed to fix our hoops dishes and our milestones of 100 cm, it is interesting to note that they won't sink completely into the cones, thus offering the possibility of moving simultaneously other milestones in the side holes. This feature allows parallel use milestones shorter since the height that will reach the top of the milestone will be the size + the cone height, or 140 cm approximately.

kit motricitékit motricité

Assorted colors / Quantity : 12

cerceaux plats

> 12 MILESTONES of 100 cm (assorted colors)

Rigid (PVC) and end caps-round (caps), these milestones with a length of 1 meter once nested on the top of the cones above can reach a height of 140 cm and can be used to support targets or benchmarks of shares. Nested in the side holes of the cones, they are used in the development of courses of motor-type "Hurdles" to cross (above or below) or markers of induction for the techniques of kicking, for example.

kit motricitékit motricité

Assorted colors / Quantity : 12

cerceaux plats

> 12 MILESTONES of 160 cm length (YELLOW) + 12 BASES rubber 1 kg

Rigid (PVC), these milestones with a length of 1.60 meters once nested in the bases rubber 1 kg (secured to a work area in bare feet) to acquire a real stability (which is not the case with bases plastics). To produce configurations ranging from the simple vertical alignment of milestones to more advanced configurations.

kit motricitékit motricitékit motricité

> 20 CLAMPS all in 1 (rotary axis).

Simple to install, these clamps multi-function click on the milestones and allow it to fix all the hoops flat or round construction of this pack as well as the milestones between them (fixing all-in-1).

pinces rotativeskit motricité

The rotary axis of the clamps (360°) allows a direction without limit hoops (flat or round) on the milestones, or milestones between them.


  • 16 hoops dishes of 35 cm in diameter
  • 16 hoops dishes of 60 cm diameter

The rounded edges (secure), these hoops dishes are great educational tools for the implementation of course children or adults. Placed flat on the tatami (Route engine) or nested within the cone notches above (induction of technical movement / cue actions), they are both flexible to bend under the effect of weight and rigid not break. In addition, thanks to the pliers multifunction (above), it is quick and simple to fix the hoops flat on the milestones in order to vary the educational proposals or course engines.

cerceaux platscerceaux platskit motricité

Assorted colors (Mix colors)

cerceaux plats

> 16 HOOPS ROUND of 75 cm diameter.

The diameter (75 cm) is ideal to integrate all of the elements proposed, in particular thanks to pliers multi-function that will set them on the milestones in order to obtain windows of action through which the students can certainly spend, or perform movements, but also oppose (see DVD "The way educational Vol.1) and many other things...

cerceaux plats

Assorted colors (Mix colors)

cerceaux plats

> 1 SCALE RATE of 4 meters of length

Indispensable for work and then increase the speed and the velocity, the scale of pace is both simple to use and quick to implement. Issues relating to the use of a scale of rhythm are twofold : The initiation and training to the coordination and speed of movement.

Ready-to-use, it is held just on the tatami. The scale of pattern is simply an excellent tool that is used either to enrich the educational environment of the course for children and beginners, or optimize strategies of physical preparation among competitors.

Echelle de rythme.

* Length: 4 metres

> 48 footprints of games

Total elements

Practical and simple to use, the fingerprints of the games give the teacher the means to create landmarks on the ground to optimize its route, its games or workshops. A particularly useful tool to the teacher and practical for the student.

Rubber very resistant with a thickness of 2 mm, these prints are quite suitable for elastic floors such as a tatami mat to the soil rigid (wooden floors)


6 Balloons polyurethane foam of 175 mm diameter + 6 Balloons foam polyurethane 120 mm in diameter

12 Balloons in polyurethane foam ensuring flexibility and an excellent touch. Without roughness or asperity, ultra-light and without noise, these balloons ensure total safety during the games of the opposition which you will be able to enjoy your young and less young students.

2 Sizes (120 mm and 175 mm) - 2 Colors : 6 Yellow / 6 Red

Brique multifonctionsBrique multifonctionsBrique multifonctionsBrique multifonctionsBrique multifonctionsBrique multifonctions

Brique multifonctionsBrique multifonctionsBrique multifonctionsBrique multifonctionsBrique multifonctionsBrique multifonctions

* All the products are guaranteed 1 year.

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