Lot of 8 milestones of 100 cm or 120 cm View larger

Lot of 8 milestones of 100 cm or 120 cm


100 cm or 120 cm - Milestones highly resistant (PVC 180 gr and 240 gr) with tips - color variegated.

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Sold by batch of 8 MILESTONES


Of your choice (see option "Size Markers" in the frame : "Add to cart" above), this lot is composed of either 8 milestones of 100 cm either of the 8 milestones of 120 cm.


Combined with the cones, multi-hoops or dishes between them (thanks to the clamps) or just planted in the interstices of the mat, these milestones will allow you to build media targets/benchmarks (See the video below as an example)

Color : Assorted (Mix red, yellow, green, blue) / PVC Tube with end caps.

Very resistant (milestones of 1 m weighs 180 gr, milestones of 120 cm weigh 240 gr)



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