The way teaching Vol.3

"The fundamental techniques and tactics for beginners" A teaching strategy is innovative and unique in the environment of Karate.

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"The fundamental techniques and tactics for beginners" Here's a teaching strategy is innovative and unique in the environment of Karate. This 3rd volume of a duration of 43 minutes, addresses through its 3 chapters, a design didactisée of teaching karate. That is to say, a design involving objectives that are compatible with the physical characteristics and intellectual students.



Why an innovative approach and unique?

- Because we are doing the opposition a learning tool and technique normally reserved for the Kyhon for example, by integrating them in duels secure what we have identified as being of "Fundamental techniques"

- Because we confront immediately the beginners to the management of tactical plans simple and concrete usually reserved to a more advanced level : Such as the direct attacks to the rhythm and the mowing.

In total, 'the way teaching volume 3" combines some 50 teaching situations all organized in progressions, and this time addressing it to students âgès at a minimum of 8-9 years of age up to teenagers and more.

All the situations proposed are from a field experiment conducted during more than 2 years, in club and in the national education system (During EPS, UNSS). What also makes this DVD an ideal tool to offer the business a primary (CM1, CM2) or collègiens (Teenagers).


In the end, this 3rd DVD will open up many avenues of work that you will not have difficulty exploring the same with students of more advanced level and older.

Top des ventesA UNIQUE series, exclusively produced by and on Infokaraté. Sold several thousand copies in France and abroad (More than 2 thirds of French clubs), these instructional videos are a reference in terms of teaching for all clubs welcoming children as well as for candidates to DAF, DIF, CQP, DEJEPS and DESJEPS of Karate.

  • Duration : 45 minutes
  • Language : French
  • International : The mastery of French is not essential because of the many demonstrations sufficiently explicit.
  • DVD all zones

Pe teacher and graduate status in Karate, Alain Foltzer is responsible for school managers in the league Limousin from 2004 to 2008, webmaster of the site Infokaraté devoted since 2001 to the training of teachers of Karate and host of internships academic Karate (Training of teachers of EPS).
"The way educational Vol 1 Vol 2 Vol.3, Flight 4 and Flight.5" are educational resources, particularly innovative for any teacher to load one or several groups of children and candidates AFA, DAF, DIF, CQP, DEJEPS and DESJEPS.


"Mr. Foltzer, I want to tell you that the videos that I purchased and downloaded yesterday to meet with my expectations.
In fact, I am in the process of negotiating to open a section of karate in my village (the most difficult is to find a room, but I'm hopeful!) and despite my many years of practice, I needed a "framework" to adapt my knowledge to the education of children, adolescents and adult beginners.
Your pedagogical approach is excellent and it is clear that I shall be inspired by your work and your advice in my future courses. I will download the other videos progressively, this first step being very conclusive. Thank you and good luck! "- Pascal L. Virmoux - Clair, New Brunswick - Canada)
I discovered your DVD teaching by means of my training. In fact I followed the formation of the DIF from November 2008 to May 2009, and during a class, I was able to view your different CD.. After that, I ordered your first 2 DVD, and I took lessons. I have to admit that the vision of the DVDS were a huge contribution during my training. For proof I got a note extra ++++ during the implementation of the situation, thanks among other things to the pragmatism of your DVD. I thank you for this precious gift that is this teaching support, which has helped me and will help me in the future." P. B League Dauphiné

"Excellent work on these DVD "the way teaching". An indispensable tool for all future teachers, the teachers and even trainers... " - G. WYCKAERT - 6th Dan - director of the school of the officers of the league of Brittany.

" soon for other flight that I found really informative. I am often used as a support for my course... thank you for what you do for karate and especially an aspect of karate is education, because, in fact, getting a high grade is easy with time and work, but convey what was to teach this is to go in a universe parallel to that of the traditional practice. Then I wish you, in the interest of all practitioners and future teachers to continue as long as possible in this way..." - José FERREIRA

"This is really great everything that you do. A big CONGRATULATIONS and thank you, too, it is so useful, all that." - Anne GOUDENOVE

"It has very much liked us ! What animate our children's classes. Everyone finds his account : the teacher and the students. The children love, it changes the exercises become a bit too conventional for the "old". The prof finds a new source of inspiration. The 2 dvds are really great. Bravo. "- BSE Karate

"Excellent work and excellent suport for teachers. We want more !!!" - Mr. BOURENE, BEES2, Juror BEES1

"First of all congratulations, this is a very good work. So much so, that I was fascinated by this DVD that I even found it a bit short. At the end I said "already". To finish, I can not say one thing BRAVO!" - Thomas HAREL



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