The way teaching Vol.5

The gesture micro-technique in the Kihon - 40 education to teach Karate and the martial arts to children.

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Contents : 40 educational organized in a progression that shows how it is possible to teach children from beginners to older, gestures and know-how micro-techniques that will serve as a springboard for learning the basic techniques in Kihon.

The method is simply NOVEL and totally INNOVATIVE since it is based on the use of the SMART equipment of simple design and very practical : fries foam with a length of only 40 cm.

Frites en mousse

The way teaching Vol.5 is a DVD and rhythmic, the comments supported that is consistent with the teaching of all the DVD's of the same series (sold several thousand copies).

DVD chapitré - Language : French - 33 minutes.

Like all DVD series "The way teaching", volume 5 is a wealth of information both practical and theory for all teachers in charge of groups of children or beginners as well as for all candidates for a teaching credential.


Learn more : Developed from a approach of the most recent in the field of learning theories, the teaching Path Vol.5 proposes a method that aims to build the technical gesture for beginners.


We were talking about closing the fist, counseling, Kento, of hikité, preparation of movement, balance, rotation of the forearm (proximal and distal supination of the forearm) and others, these conditions to be met for the technique to be effective, have the characteristic of not being limited to a single technique.

Gédan baraï
Thanks to a directory, non-exhaustive list of 10 rules of action it is possible to set goals that are referred to micro-techniques, that is to say real experiences gesture made of strands of technique and know-how essential to the achievement of the basic techniques. This phase microphone technique is the 1st link in a progression that should lead to the 1st kyhon for beginners.

On the teaching front, in addition we have created educational meeting 2 conditions essential and highly reactive children :

  1. To be closer of their motor skills or common natural.
  2. Create a maximum of interaction between the produced actions and their effects. Giving meaning to actions and establish the link so difficult to highlight in a fun approach between the gesture performed and the technique.

To achieve these 2 conditions, the students will handle in a CLEVER way a hardware design that is SIMPLE and INNOVATIVE : fries foam with a length of 40 cm.

The way teaching Vol.5 is intended for teachers of Karate and martial arts activity as future teachers preparing a diploma.

Rich DVD on the theoretical and educational, it is also a tool for all practitioners beginners wanting to commence the Karate in the best conditions thanks to the 40-some education to realize for itself, in complement of the course.

Pe teacher and graduate status in Karate, Alain Foltzer is responsible for school managers in the league Limousin from 2004 to 2008, webmaster of the site Infokaraté devoted since 2001 to the training of teachers of Karate and host of internships academic Karate (Training of teachers of EPS).
"The way educational Vol.1 Vol.2 Vol.3 Vol.4 and Vol.5" are educational resources, particularly innovative for any teacher to load one or several groups of children and candidates AFA, DAF, DIF, CQP and DEJEPS.

  • Language : French - Duration 33 minutes.
  • Language : French
  • International : The mastery of French is not essential because of the many demonstrations sufficiently explicit.
  • DVD all zones


 "For our part, we find that it is a great way to bring the child to perform a sequence : each action they perform turns into a "success" for the child because he managed to hit the fried. The longer it continues, the more it " success ", and the longer it continues, the more it is able to run a sequence of several movements. The child also learns to focus in a fun... The children have had great fun...

For us your DVDS are essential : They educate children differently. I have known traditional education, sometimes very hard physically, composed of countless repetitions. By combining traditional education (less physically hard than in the past...) to your way of doing things, I think teaching Karate becomes more complete. These DVD's give us good ideas. When the 6e DVD? Thank You" - Guy Mony (Canada) - Page Facebook

"All good, once again this DVD. I love this excellence educational of your hand, this 5th DVD is the image of the other 4, you do not stop especially. A question, would you allow me Mr. Foltzer. How do you find all this? And why you don't do the internship. Congratulations and thank you for the quick delivery." P. Dulou KC Veyre.



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